*To set up your account please contact your local Wheatfield Grain facility  * 

FarmerData supports our customers with easy access to grain and account information online. Access a variety of records pertaining to both recent and historical account activity anywhere with internet connectivity:

View the Following Account Information:

  • Product booking balances (prepaid and unpaid)
  • Scale and grain tickets
  • Patronage and equity information
  • Recent account activity
  • Grain contracts
  • Settlements

Link Multiple Accounts for Online Payments & Viewing

  • Simple filtering of data
  • Streamlined views to easily navigate your account information

• Mobile-friendly

If you are an existing FarmerData user, please visit https://support.farmerdata.com to learn more about switching to our new, mobile-friendly design. If you are new to FarmerData and interested in accessing your information online, please reach out to the company or cooperative with whom you hold an account to receive an invite.